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Did I ever tell you about the time when I twirled around in the bathroom of the camper and my iPhone went flying out into the toilet? Right after we had been stranded for 2 hours in the moonlight in the middle of a lake and hubby had to paddle a huge pontoon boat 1½ miles back to shore? Right after I had a vitreous hemorrhage in my right eye? Yeah that was last weekend.

As my 3 year old grandson says, “I didn’t see that coming from”.

So what had happened was, we went on a camping-get-away-from-the-stress weekend. All went well for the first two days, lots of fun boating, hanging out with friends, relaxing. Then it began with the eye. This vitreous material detached, which is a natural occurrence evidently, only usually it happens peacefully and you don’t know it. Mine was an angry detachment, and roughed up my retina. Hopefully there is no retina tear, the retina specialist is still watching it. New iPhone arrived this week, thankfully it was covered by insurance. And the boat needs a filter replaced in the engine. I got great pictures of the moonlight ride, and of the hubby rowing us back in on that beautiful night, but those photos are on my iPhone that is totally fried, because of course I tried to turn it on while it was still wet and I was panicking. Don’t do that.

That was actually two weekends ago, it’s just taken me this long to recover and post. This past weekend was full of activities, including a block party hosted by our church with tons of fun, and a 20th year celebration for our little church on Sunday. Of course I don’t have pics because I didn’t have my new iPhone yet.

I did run over a curb on my one-eyed journey to work this morning. It was in the parking lot and I’m blaming it on lack of coffee, not the fact that I can’t see out of my right eye.

So my life is full, and I am grateful. We have a beautiful grandson, hubby is loving his new business that grew out of his being laid off from NASA after 36 years (and I am really going to do a post on that, really), and I am enjoying my little antique booth venture. I have tons of projects to finish to get it where I want it to be, but I’ll get there.

It’s all about the journey.


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Weekend in Review

We had a great Father’s Day weekend in the country. Dad came to spend the day, as well as my sister, her daughter and two boys, one of my brothers, my daughter and the Peanut. We ate, played outside on the porch, ate, played some more, and ate.

And I discovered you CAN wipe out a lot of weight loss progress in a two day weekend. Oh yeah. The weekend started with a potluck lunch at work on Friday and kind of went downhill food-wise from there. But you know what, I got up this morning and got right back to it. I’m NOT about beating myself up over this, sometimes you just have to eat Grandpa’s famous macaroni salad, made with real mayo, and have second or third helpings. You never want to hurt your dad’s feelings on Father’s Day! Seriously, I figure if I do great for 5 or 6 days a week, then go a little astray for a couple of meals, I will just deal with it, and get back on track. That’s life.

I wish I had taken pictures, but I was too busy eating and playing.

I did make a good little treat using those little waffle cone bowls. I filled them up about 2/3 of the way with Cheesecake flavored pudding, and topped them with mixed berries. They were a big hit, and I was thinking that there are a lot of possibilities there, using lowfat ingredients as well.

It was a fun, hot day, and I think we got the ultimate compliment, when my 7 and 10 year old great nephews didn’t want to leave when it was time to go home :-).

Peanut had a great time being outside.

Happy Monday!

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Oh how I love the weekend!

This past weekend, although WAY too short, was a just in time break from a crazy work week. We have a new senior level manager at work, and life there is just a bit more crazy and hectic than it’s been in awhile.

The weekend started with daughter and Peanut coming Friday evening for a spend the night visit. They were able to stay until Saturday afternooon, so there was a lot of grandmommy spoiling time.

Saturday night I had a ladies night out with some friends from church. We do a Secret Pal drawing twice a year, and we just finished the first period of the year, so we had a pot luck supper to reveal secret pals. It was great fun, and after the reveal we watched ‘The Help’. I recommend the movie for those of you who like to have a good cry now and then. I’m NOT one of those people and will usually avoid a movie like that, but chose to stay. Yes, the tear ducts got all cleared out. There were ten or so women going between sniffling, sobbing and laughing at ourselves for the entire couple of hours.

I am very pleased to say that even with a grocery shopping trip with my daughter and a potluck with dishes from some fantastic cooks, I’m down a pound this morning from last Friday, so I’m a pretty happy camper. My daughter did head straight for the bakery when we entered the grocery store, then stopped and said ‘oh my gosh, we head straight here every time don’t we?”. We then promptly left the bakery and settled on Mango Italian Ice and celery and peanut butter for snacks. Of which we had neither once we got home. But we were prepared.

I took a less than healthy dish to the potluck myself, but didn’t pig out on it. It was Baked Potato Salad, and, oh my it’s good. I’ll post the recipe for it soon, it’s great to take to a pot luck.

Sunday was a LAZY day, I didn’t lift a finger all day. A real lazy summer Sunday, as it should be.

There’s some landscaping progress at our house, hopefully I’ll have beautiful pictures and an update soon.

Meanwhile, Happy Monday. Every day can’t be a weekend day.

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Wow the weekends go by fast!

This past one was not very eventful, but very restful and FAST.

Daughter and Peanut came on Saturday afternoon and helped me with the grocery shopping.  I have to say that when they do that, which is most Saturdays, I shop a little differently than when I’m alone.  For instance, I NEVER visit the bakery and bring home chocolate eclairs or chocolate frosted donuts when I shop alone.  I do that almost EVERY Saturday when they are with me.  The best thing for me to to right now in order to eat right is to not have anything bad in the house.  So I’ll confess, I had two chocolate frosted donuts over the weekend, and a cranberry slushie from a drive through, which I love, but I know is full of sugar.  So I was very happy when I weighed this morning and was down 1/2 lb from Friday morning.  I guess I did something right.

Sunday service at my little country church was great, with the pastor reminding us to praise and be thankful for all of our blessings.  It made me realize that a lot of the praying I do consists of requests…for healing, improvements in situations, etc.  I don’t spend nearly enough of that time thanking Him for all of the things I have to be thankful for.  And I do have SO many.

Sunday afternoon consisted of a little family visiting, then a little photo taking.  Unfortunately the photographer (me) seemed to snap between smiles, but I think he’s still as cute as can be.

All in all, a quiet, restful weekend. And now looking forward to a great, busy week.

Happy Monday.

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Well I really did have the best of intentions to post on Friday. Then my clumsy self got my vacuum cleaner cord unknowingly wrapped around my laptop power cord while I was vacuuming, and sent the laptop crashing to the floor.  The good news is the laptop is fine, but the power cord got pulled out and broken, so I’ve had to order another one.  I didn’t want to use the laptop unless I had to until the new cord arrives, because it was only about ½ fully charged.

Then tonight I had a nice glass of Chianti before going to bed, and within 30 minutes of laying down began experiencing agonizing, “I’m sure this time it really is a heart attack” acid reflux. So I got up to read, and had a thought…I wondered if hubby’s power cord might work on my laptop, even though he has another brand. Lo and behold, here I sit, with my laptop charging as I write.

So, Memorial Day weekend in review. Daughter and little Peanut spent the night Friday night, and we had a lot of grand mommy-baby playtime.

The Peanut LOVES to jump

Saturday night was date night (dinner and the new Men In Black movie), Sunday was more playtime with baby, grilling out and just a leisurely day in the country.  Dad stopped by, and Peanut loves his great grandpa!  This photo is actually last weekend, but it shows the mutual adoration that they always share 🙂 and I love it! So sweet.

Monday I headed to my dad’s with my daughter and the baby for a short visit with some of the rest of the family, then back to the country for a laid back rest of the day.

Lazy day in the country

I do love a long weekend, even though I know I’ll pay for it the rest of the week at work. It was totally worth it.

I’ll talk more Wednesday about weight loss goals and such, but one thing I’ve done is set some short term goals. Right now, I’m 1 ½ lbs away from a goal I have set for June 1. Wish me luck!

Have a wonderful rest of the week.

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I love to read. I love to work in the yard. I love to cook. I love to walk. I love to ride my bike. I love to visit with people. I love to go out and have fun.

Lately, I’m really not doing any of those things. I have a problem. A vice. A BIG ONE. I’m letting it make me lazy, and the more I do it, the more sucked in I get. It’s social networking. In my particular situation, it’s Facebook.

It’s the devil. It calls to me. I can always justify my time spent there. I tell myself that we are so busy that we don’t have time to keep up with friends like we used to, and Facebook is the perfect way to keep up. We can see what our friends are up to, watch their kids as they are growing and changing, seeing the places they are vacationing, their accomplishments.

So every evening when I get home from work I cook dinner, we eat, and it happens. Hubby sits down in one recliner in front of the tv, I sit down in the other, and put my laptop in my lap. I listen to the nightly news, then as he settles in to his favorite programming, I chat with friends, read and catch up on the daily Facebook wall, then settle into one of my favorite games. There are probably four or five that I like, so I’ll skip around and play here and there. Then it’s bedtime. Three hours have passed. Goodnight. Another evening gone by.

What I WANT to do is make dinner, eat, go for a walk with the dogs, sit on my back porch and watch the sunset, then do a chore or two so that I don’t have them all to do on Saturday. Spend maybe 30 minutes catching up with friends on FB (and not even every night), then shut it down and either read or write. Or actually pick up the phone and call a friend and catch up. What a thought!

So that’s my goal starting today. I’m going to try a 3 day a week schedule for catching up on FB, and then only 30 minutes at at time. Maybe I’ll be able to work on a few projects that I have been wanting to get to, like going through photo albums, working on the spare bedroom to make it more inviting, and working on a food and exercise plan. Maybe I’ll call a friend and catch up via telephone.

Now on to catching up the two people that have told me to please keep blogging so they can keep up with me :-).

The past week has been less than fun. Hubby had oral surgery a little over a week ago, and the very same day my back decided to get a little whacky. He has pretty much recovered, and I’m still limping around, having to use a heating pad and take pain meds. I’m trying the ‘lay on the wood floor’ treatment tonight, if that doesn’t work I guess I’ll give in and call my Dr. this week.

One thing I have been doing is spending whatever time I can with little Peanut. He’s growing like a weed, doing all kinds of cute new things.

Little Peanut

He’s now 4 months old, a whopping 17.2 lbs and very healthy. He is starting to eat baby food cereal, and still has the impulse to push it OUT of his mouth, rather than take it in :-). All in good time.

Grandmommy and Peanut

This week I’ll be helping my daughter do some nursery decorating, hopefully be able to exercise a little, and getting ready for a fun Mother’s Day weekend.

Have a great week, and don’t be surprised if I call you for a chat!

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What a gorgeous weekend we had here in the deep South!  Temperatures in the 80s, but not humid, little breezes, you can’t ask for more. I sort of worry that Spring decided not to appear this year, and we jumped right into Summer, but it sure has been nice the past week or so. We got cars and dogs washed, a few outside chores done, and lots of visiting with friends and family.

We visited some friends Saturday afternoon for a cookout. Since we last got together, the mom and 2 little boys have discovered that they have food allergies.  It turns out that between the three of them they are allergic to wheat, corn, diary and soy.  WOW.  It was very interesting discussing how she feeds her family.  She really has it down to a science, but it does take some planning.  The meal was delicious…they buy part of a locally raised cow each year, so they grilled steaks and roasted some diced potatoes.  We took a fruit tray, and I made fresh green beans with fresh basil and cherry tomatoes.  For dessert, she served a delicious ‘fudgy-brownie like’ cake.  A delicious meal, with no wheat, dairy, corn or soy.

We have no food allergies at our house that we know of, but just healthy eating also takes planning and effort.  I do end up shopping at a couple of different markets.  One for fresh organic produce, one for bulk staples, one for general items.  It also takes some time each week to plan meals so that we don’t end up running through a drive thru, or picking up other fast food on the way home.  I’ve heard people say it just takes too much time and energy to do it, but I am at the point that I don’t think I have a choice.  Also, like with anything else, it becomes a habit when you do it enough, and you don’t think of it as inconvenient or time-consuming.

My daughter and little Peanut visited on Sunday, and after taking a nice drive in the country, we spent a lot of time hanging out on the back porch enjoying the beautiful weather.  All that fresh air and sunshine does make nap-time come easy.

Sleeping Peanut and worn out Grandmommy

When dinnertime rolled around, I spent about 15 minutes preparing a very tasty spaghetti…using roasted garlic tomato sauce, to which I added a bunch of fresh spinach and fresh small portabello mushrooms. I love adding vegetables to tomato sauce when I have spaghetti, it’s a great way to get the veggies in without having to make another side dish. I made whole wheat spaghetti, and it was a delicious, perfectly healthy meal. In 15 minutes.

So another perfect weekend.  We are both planning on introducing a little more physical activity into our days this week, and we’re looking forward to more nice summer-like weather.

Hope you have a wonderful week wherever you are.

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I’ve been absent for awhile, again, due in part to so MUCH going on that I’m overwhelmed. I’ve needed time to sit and think and absorb. And then do it some more.

This has been quite a year so far.

I dealt with a health scare. It turned out ok, but I had thyroid nodules that took many weeks of testing, biopsies, etc. before I got a ‘clear’ from the Dr.

We’re having a budget crisis at work, and have been dealing with layoff possibilities for several months. We finally issued notices to some folks 2 weeks ago. Hubby and I feel very fortunate to not be on the list. This isn’t the end of it, we still have the 2012 fiscal budget reviews going on, there will likely be more. NASA is at a place it’s never been before.

One bright spot in the midst of a bunch of challenges was Easter.  We attended a wonderful Sonrise service then regular Easter service at church, then had the whole family out for the day. Lots of fun, food and easter egg hunting.

Come out, and you WILL get wet. Big kid never should have started it.

Little Ozzie got a tear in his cornea Easter weekend. So, since two days after that, hubby and I have been putting drops in his eye every 4 hours around the clock. That means coming home at lunch, getting up in the middle of the night, etc. Two weeks ago the vet determined that it wasn’t healing, so he had surgery. We’ve continued the drops, did I mention it’s EVERY FOUR HOURS AROUND THE CLOCK? Of course we would do nothing less. But a checkup this week determined he’s on the mend, has to still have drops a couple of times a day, and in about a month we’ll have him checked again. He doesn’t love the collar.

Ozzie on drugs

So next were the April 27 tornados that ripped through Alabama.  We will be in recovery mode for years.  We lived without power for 6 days, and feel very blessed that that is all we suffered.  Our family was spared any damage, but there are neighborhoods near us that are demolished.  I certainly hope this is something we’ll never see here in our lifetime again.  I can’t describe the devastation, or the feelings, so I won’t even try.  But we feel blessed beyond measure.

On a positive note, we got a garden planted, we’re excited about that.  Now the waiting.  We’re getting rain today for the first time in awhile, so me and the garden are very happy.
And there’s more.  But I’ll catch up more next week.  I will likely try a Weekend in Review update each Monday, at the least.
Have a great week!

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Still Here

It’s been a slow beginning to Spring, not a lot going on.

Hubby and I did take a fun trip to Nashville for the weekend for a belated anniversary a week ago. We live so close to Nashville (actually we both lived in Nashville in the past, separately), but neither of us had ever been to the Grand Ole Opry, so we decided to go. It was so fun. We went on Friday night when they are doing the live radio show. The highlight of the night was Trace Adkins performing with the West Point Glee Club, that was awesome.

The pictures aren’t great, I left my camera at the hotel, and had to use my phone…not good. But believe me, the performances were great.

Trace Adkins

Saturday morning we headed downtown to Broadway, the strip lined with real live honky-tonks with real live entertainers waiting to be discovered, as well as shops, restaurants, and a new Margaritaville.

World famous Tootsie's Orchid lounge, where many a star has been discovered, and many a deal been made.

Other than that, we wandered around a bit, shopped here and there, and enjoyed good food, of course.

This past weekend, we worked in the field that is our yard for FOR HOURS. Got everything all trimmed up and tidy for next weekend. We’ll have Easter dinner (lunch) at our house after church, and have pretty much anyone over that can come. Always fun.

Son Adam came by to help out…probably saved hubby from cardiac arrest. He mowed around all the trees with the push mower (probaby 40-50 trees, on a slope), as well as a ditch that is slanted up and sideways.

There was frisbee throwing, fried chicken eating, and sipping tea on the back porch. A wonderful Sunday afternoon in the country.

This week there will hopefully be garden planting, a little more work outside. I LOVE Springtime!

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At least the weekend was nice.  Beautiful weather down here, got some yardwork done, got some sunshine.  Enjoyed lounging on the back porch drinking iced tea, visiting with dad on Saturday.  And today the severe weather comes in.

Work has been bad for awhile…the government not having an FY11 budget is really impacting us, and we are facing potential layoffs.  I’ve thought about it about all that I can for now.  Eaten my way through it basically.  My new attitude today is ‘bring it on’,  or ‘whatever’.  It is what it is.  We’ll deal with it.

But, lest you think your Monday is stinky (:-))…I bet mine can outdo yours.

An incoming (thankfully) pipe in the ladies room at work burst over the weekend.  Luckily I’m at the farthest end of the building, in a corner office, from where it happened.  The water didn’t make it to me. So all I have to deal with is the AWEFUL smell.  Well, and all the whiny people.  And having to walk to another building to use the restroom.  And having no running water.

Welcome to Monday.

Have a wonderful, smelly-free week!

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