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What a Week!

My boss has been out of town on business for a few days, so I’ve been being busy being him. How do they all know when he’ll be gone???? It’s been busy, busy, busy at work, time for performance reviews, budgets for FY09, new projects being implemented, too many projects, not enough people…I could go on, but let’s just leave it at BUSY.

Then there’s the house building. There is just so much happening at once. We went out today after work, and were very surprised to see stone going up on the end of the house (we are having the ‘stone guy’ do the garage end of the house, we’ll do the rest). The front porch and landing are almost done. It looked incredible, I couldn’t believe it. Did I have my digital camera? No. Because I knew there was no need, there was no way there would be much, if any progress made this week, since we knew the crews weren’t out there Monday. I was so wrong. I did take some pictures with my camera phone (phone/camera…whatever). Problem is, I don’t know how to download the pictures from my phone, so I have to take the digital camera out this weekend to get pictures. Yes, I know…I’m the technical lead of an IT software development team. And no, I can’t download pictures from my phone. What can I say? :-/. I’ll take time to figure it out someday.

We are so pleased with the house so far. We designed the house ourselves, and even though we always believed we’d love it, seeing it come together just like we dreamed it is absolutely incredible. Courtney says it’s like it’s being ‘born’ over time. Each time we go out and see progress, we feel like proud parents :-).

We picked out tile for the master bath shower and floor, and secondary bath and laundry floor today. Our next big task is deciding on the kitchen cabinets. The biggest decision there is to decide if Mike will build the island, or if we’ll have it built. Still thinking on that one.

We did miss a big event this past weekend. It’s the first year in several that we’ve not ridden the Spring City Cycling Club Century ride. We really missed it, but are so proud of Paul for completing his first 100 miler, Ellen for riding a great 52 miles, and Chris finishing the Metric Century on…yes…once again, his MOUNTAIN BIKE! No kidding. Amazing that he can do that on the hills on that ride. Crazy! Hopefully we’ll be rejoining them next year, when we’re all settled in our new home.

Chris and Ellen

Chris and Ellen




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