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Life has really changed for us over the past 6 or 8 weeks. No longer do we have those leisurely Saturdays, hanging out over breakfast, visiting the markets and browsing for the latest coffee beans or our favorite treats.

Now it’s bush-hogging, cleaning the house-site, making piles of the scrap leftover lumber for those future unknown projects, inspecting the new house just in case the work crews saw something a little differently on the house plans than we saw.

We were very pleasantly surprised this weekend to see that our CATHEDRAL ceiling is all in place. Just one worry now…I thought the peak would be about 13 feet, but no, it’s very, very much higher that that. Which is good, and I like it, I just don’t know about the decorating aspect. There’s a WAY lot of wall up there to do something with.

Cathedrdal Ceiling

Cathedrdal Ceiling

Cathedral Ceiling

Cathedral Ceiling

I’m thinking a quilt that my mother or grandmother made on one wall.  I also think a huge blown up picture of my four-legged boys on one…Mike is with me on the quilt, not so much on the boys. 

So everything else looked good, the workers worked all day Saturday doing things that aren’t that noticeable…fascia board, stuff like that…I guess that’s why it seems like things slow down when the major framing is over, little things are happening, but aren’t that obvious.

Meanwhile, in the basement, piles of lumber are being created for future use.  Those of you that know my husband understand totally.  For those of you that don’t, I don’t know what to tell you.  I didn’t take a picture when we left today…there are more piles.  There’s actually a box that he built, which is holding kindling.

stacks of lumber

stacks of lumber

Don’t get me wrong, I do actually love this about him.  We asked the builder to not have a dumpster at the site, that way we can go through the lumber easily to see what we might want to keep.  I’ll be great when it’s time to build a potting shed or a coffee table. 

One of the most fun things about the weekend was that our friends Chrissa and Tim came by to visit today while we were working.  I think they are our first ‘non-family’ visitors, and had to make quite a trek to get there.  They built a house 7 or 8 years ago, so they are great to talk through the process with, and they are so encouraging and excited for us, it’s awesome.

This next week I plan to try to drag some friends from work out there during lunch for a look, and hopefully I’ll be able to get some good advice on what to do with those walls.

If anyone out there has ‘huge wall decorating advice”, I’d love to hear it.

Coming soon … as soon as I have a day or so of recovery from the weekend…I’ll share our newest toy.

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