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The weekends are getting more and more busy… and tiring! We did finally finish the stonework on the end of the house this weekend. It’s beautiful, we are very pleased and think we did a pretty good job for a couple of old, tired people :-).

When we finished that, we began putting the mortar on the front.  We got about 2/3 of the way through, so that is a project for next weekend.  We’ll also get as much of the back of the house as possible.

We did have some help.  The good boy got to go with us.

Good Boy

Good Boy


The bad boy got to stay home.  Sad but true.  He is bad, bad, bad.  On the occasions we’ve taken him, I’ve been worn out by the time we got to the house just from the ride in the truck with him.  One of the problems is that our property isn’t fenced yet.  So while the good boy follows us around and on the rare occasion he wanders to the border, comes right to us when we call…the bad boy makes an immediate run for the border the minute he gets there.  You’d think that with over 5 1/2 acres we could contain him to the middle.  Nope.  He just loses his mind.

Bad Boy

Bad Boy

Working on the house is starting to be exhausting, but we’ll get there.  Our framing inspection failed last week, so everything was halted.  We have to put a fire break between the basement and first floor, so Daniel-the-Builder is working on the solution.  Hopefully that will get done this week.  There were two or three little things to be done that we finished this weekend.  Other than that, some extra support for the ceiling beams, and we’ll be able to move forward with insulation and walls.

 Did I mention it’s exhausting?

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We have stone! We hired a stone-mason to put the stone on the garage end of our house, because that’s the first/most noticeable place people will see when they drive up. We did all the prep work (two weekends of it, not so fun), and had him put the stone on. It turned out awesome, matching the garage doors perfectly…which we hoped for, but you never know until you actually see it.

The stone-mason did a wonderful job. But did I ever mention we’re a little crazy? This is a very precise skill so the cost to have it done is quite high, but we’re terribly handy so we decided to learn how to do it ourselves :-). We’re fearless…or crazy, depending on how you look at it. But besides saving many thousands of dollars, it will be so aweome to look at the rest of the house and know that we were able to do it ourselves. And, we learn something new.

To do this, one needs a cement mixer of course, as Mike was very quick to tell me.

We have almost 6 acres to fence in , so we’ll need the cement mixer anyway.

So, the day begins.

The two boxes of stone we need to start with are at the opposite end of the house, of course. So Mike, smart guy that his is, decides that he should hook a chain to the tractor and to the pallets, and drag them to the other end of the house.

He did have a little, uh, help. See the supervisor in the corner of the picture, that would be dad. He decided to stop by like he does most Saturdays to see how it’s going.

So he / they manage to pull both pallets around to the high end where we’re working.

Mike lays the first stone.

While dad looks on.

And continues to look on. And help. Actually, after retiring from 20 years in the Army many years ago, dad became a brick mason … before he became a police officer. Which was before he went to work as a civil servant for NASA, which was before he retired, and then started working with a small family owned auto paint shop in town. Which at 75 he still does. But, I digress. We had this idea. Dad might be bored, so he might need something else to do. Yeah, that’s it, he’s bored. We can take care of that around here.

Mike finished the day, dad has something to do, and at least some of the yard gets mowed. A good day.

Not bad for a bunch of old folks.

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