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Did I ever tell you about the time when I twirled around in the bathroom of the camper and my iPhone went flying out into the toilet? Right after we had been stranded for 2 hours in the moonlight in the middle of a lake and hubby had to paddle a huge pontoon boat 1½ miles back to shore? Right after I had a vitreous hemorrhage in my right eye? Yeah that was last weekend.

As my 3 year old grandson says, “I didn’t see that coming from”.

So what had happened was, we went on a camping-get-away-from-the-stress weekend. All went well for the first two days, lots of fun boating, hanging out with friends, relaxing. Then it began with the eye. This vitreous material detached, which is a natural occurrence evidently, only usually it happens peacefully and you don’t know it. Mine was an angry detachment, and roughed up my retina. Hopefully there is no retina tear, the retina specialist is still watching it. New iPhone arrived this week, thankfully it was covered by insurance. And the boat needs a filter replaced in the engine. I got great pictures of the moonlight ride, and of the hubby rowing us back in on that beautiful night, but those photos are on my iPhone that is totally fried, because of course I tried to turn it on while it was still wet and I was panicking. Don’t do that.

That was actually two weekends ago, it’s just taken me this long to recover and post. This past weekend was full of activities, including a block party hosted by our church with tons of fun, and a 20th year celebration for our little church on Sunday. Of course I don’t have pics because I didn’t have my new iPhone yet.

I did run over a curb on my one-eyed journey to work this morning. It was in the parking lot and I’m blaming it on lack of coffee, not the fact that I can’t see out of my right eye.

So my life is full, and I am grateful. We have a beautiful grandson, hubby is loving his new business that grew out of his being laid off from NASA after 36 years (and I am really going to do a post on that, really), and I am enjoying my little antique booth venture. I have tons of projects to finish to get it where I want it to be, but I’ll get there.

It’s all about the journey.


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I’m a list maker. I don’t always accomplish everything on my lists, and it doesn’t necessarily mean that I’m organized, but I always have lists. It’s become even more important to me since we’ve gotten so busy with the house building, and sometimes things would totally slip through if I didn’t have lists. But, I don’t have a comprehensive list. Well, I didn’t before now.

Robbyn, over at The Back Forty published her current project to-do list, and got me inspired to put to paper the jillions of things I want and need to do in pretty short order. I actually have a few of the same thoughts Robbyn has, so it really got me motivated when I read hers. 

I didn’t put the entire jillion down, I’ll be adding to it.  This list will grow and change. We are devoting every weekend to working on our new house, so there isn’t much time…some things will slip, others will get added as we near completion, I’m sure. But for now, here goes (warning…if you bore easily, step away from this page, you may be snoozing after # 5 or so. But, if you hang in to the end, you might be inspired to make your own lists, and a list never hurts).

1. Make some of our favorite soup recipes and can or freeze them for quick winter meals. I did this twice this week – well halfway. I made the soups, but we ate the soups, so there were no leftovers to freeze. I’ll give it another shot this weekend.

2. Freeze or dry the gazillion Tabasco peppers somehow not only surviving, but thriving in my jungle of a garden.

3. Make bread and freeze half bi-weekly. I’m not crazy, I know it won’t happen every week. Along this line, make home made dinner rolls for Thanksgiving dinner and freeze.

4. Talk someone else in the family into hosting Thanksgiving dinner. From 15 – 20 people. We do it every year, but I don’t know if I’m up to it this year. Besides, our dining room and living room will probably be full of packed moving boxes.

5. Make home-made dog cookies. I’ve been meaning to do this for awhile. My dogs are pigs. They eat a lot of cookies. I’d rather they be eating cookies with known, healthy ingredients rather than store-bought. Yes, they are spoiled.

6. Work on reducing our weekly grocery bill by half within a year’s time. This is something Robbyn did, and got me thinking…as limited as we are on time right now, we only get to the grocery about once every 2 weeks. And it hasn’t been a problem. What’s happening is that I’m making more food from scratch, soups and such. We’re eating healthier and feeling better. And, the grocery bill is already noticeably reducing. I think we can do this one. Especially with a large Spring garden.
7. Start doing yoga again, at least 2 or 3 times a week. I can do this at home. Does a mind and body good. I’ve been negligent the past several months, because my back bothers me.  When I did yoga more regularly my back didn’t bother me nearly as much. There you go.

8. Begin planning the spring garden beds. My stepmother lives about 6 miles from our new house. She and my father always had a HUGE, and I’m not kidding you, garden. She’s almost 80 years old, and can’t do it herself anymore. But, she has the most wonderful gift for us…SEEDS. Seeds from their previous crops that she’s stored in her freezer, just waiting for me. She got so excited when I asked her if she would help me plan for the spring garden, help me know what varieties to grow for freezing vs. canning, all that stuff I don’t know. I can’t wait either, it’ll be awesome.

9. Get my Christmas cards ready to mail (before Thanksgiving), finish Christmas gift planning. Many things will be home-made, make ahead whatever is possible.

10. This one I’m really dreading, and may be the most important one for us — We have to go through every closet, every cabinet, the garage and shop and get rid of everything we haven’t used, aren’t using, and know we won’t use. Everything from tools – to clothes – to unused household items, everything. We are hopefully going to be moving into our new, but smaller, house within the next couple of months, so we’ve got to de-clutter.

11. Sell – piano, sofa, wardrobe, dining table and chairs (we have 2 sets), glass top coffee and end table, bedroom suite (or 2). A funny, but not funny story about our master bedroom in our new house. It isn’t so big. We have a 4 poster bed and chest of drawers, and loooong dresser with double mirrors. Well all that won’t fit into our bedroom, because we had this great idea to put outrageously giant double windows on one wall in our bedroom, French doors to the porch on another, and another has the doorway to the closets and bath. That leaves one blank wall to put something against. Which needs to be the bed so we can look out of the outrageously giant double windows when we wake up in the mornings. All that said, we need to sell the suite, get a queen sized bed without a huge wooden frame and posts, and maybe 2 chests, which would fit on each side of the – you know, rather than a dresser. See, it’s not really funny :-/.

12. Get our poor mess of a neglected yard in order. The garden is over-run, a climbing rose has taken the pergola hostage, and the flower beds are so sad with wilting and dying summer remains, we need to clean them out.

13. Paint the siding portion of our house before putting on the market.

14. Make my own laundry detergent. Another of Robbyn’s, and one I’ve wanted to do all year, and keep putting off.

15.Get cabinets ordered.

16.Get appliance quotes.

17.Purchase lights and ceiling fans.

18. Purchase interior doors.

19. Talk my friend Dawn into taking a mommy’s night out, or planning a date night with Travis so that I can visit with the 3 sweetest little girls ever.

The things we are going to do at the new house are (this will require taking leave time from work):

  • Finish the stone work, we still have the front and back of the house to go.
  • Paint the clear sealant on the cedar siding and porches.
  • Paint the interior when the walls get in, hopefully in the next few weeks.
  • Install the hardwood when the painting is finished.
  • Install the tile in the laundry room and guest bath.
  • Put the stone on the fireplace inside.
  • Make the mantle.  We got a huge long piece of cedar, and Mike is going to shape a mantle, and make brackets out of it to hold the mantle up.
  • Build a door for the little surprise closet that we got, that a standard door won’t fit.
  • Install the pocket door frames in order to pass the framing inspection.  We’ll be doing that this weekend.
  • Move dirt around.  We had the excavators leave all the dirt when they dug out the basement.  We have holes to fill, areas to level out.  Topsoil to till into the garden area.
  • If you’ve made it this far, wow, I’m surprised. This isn’t an exciting post, or necessarily interesting. But it’s good for me to write it down, I feel somewhat committed now. I’m starting today, wish me luck.

    How about you? How do you stay organized?

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    Why it Works

    It works because he doesn’t mind doing this …

    Mike shelling peas

    Mike shelling peas

    …and I don’t mind doing this.

    Paulette bush-hogging

    Paulette bush-hogging

    We totally share everything.

    My husband is my best friend. People say that. But he really is my best friend.

    If he weren’t, I don’t know how it would work. We work in the same building just down the hall from one another. We end up in meetings together, or just stopping in to say hi during the day. We ride to and from work together most days. And most days go to the gym together afterwards.

    That’s the weekdays. On a typical Saturday morning when we aren’t going up to the property to work, we wake up early, have a leisurely cup of coffee while we visit with our dogs, then head out…together. Yes, together. A typical Saturday morning starts about 6:30 a.m. at the Farmer’s Market, breakfast at little Rosie’s Mexican Tequria (wonderful breakfast tacos and the best coffee) then the grocery store, the dry cleaners and any other errands.

    We always finish at Fresh Market, where we wander around with their coffee-of-the-day and pick out the little treats that we allow ourselves each week. For him, the little chocolate balls with toffee nut crunch inside, the blueberry chocolates, the chocolate covered almonds and the gourmet mix…which consists of raisins, cranberries, pistachios, cashews and pecan halves.  He can do this without guilt, as he spends several hours a week in the fitness center in yoga class, working upper body, running on the elliptical trainer, and teaching Spin class twice a week.  Me, all I can allow myself is the dark chocolate covered espresso beans and the sun-dried tomato-artichoke heart salad (ok, now and then I can’t talk myself out of sushi, they are standing right there making it before my very eyes!). I do try to spend time in the gym each week, I’m just not as disciplined as he is.

    Then we run any other errands, come home, and do our Saturday chores. For him, that is yard work, which he loves, and anything else he can find outside to do. For me, it’s preparing something special for dinner, preparing food for freezing, baking, menu planning…a lot of food related things. Then I’ll usually make it outside before he finishes to weed my little garden or deadhead my roses.

    We love these afternoons at home. Of course then there usually comes a nap time, when we stretch out in the recliners with very tired dogs at our feet (they’ve worked very hard helping Mike outside) and chill for a bit.

    This is some Saturday’s, not all. There are a couple a month that we spend all day at our property, bush-hogging, trimming underbrush, and mentally planting our garden and building our sheds. Just the two of us.

    Someone said to us a couple of weeks ago, ‘you two are just so in tune with one another, I’ve never seen anything like it. I can’t imagine you not being together forever’.

    Like, I know, right?? I’m the luckiest girl ever.

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