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1) This is my new discovery for the week and I love it. Bubble Tea. I may be the last person I know to find out about this yummy indulgence, but I am usually the last to discover things so I’m not surprised. It is iced and very refreshing. I actually got the coffee, which was smooth and rich. There are little tapioca beads in the bottom, and they come up through the big straw as you sip. They are similar to unflavored gummy bears in texture. I think people either love it, or are grossed out by it. I love it.

bubble tea

2) I’ve followed Kathie at Homespun Seasonal Living for several years, and there aren’t enough words for how awesome this woman is. I had the privilege of co-writing on a blog creation of hers with her and a few other women a few years ago. She never ceases to inspire and amaze me. I love this post, I’m totally making this. How to Make Oregano Infused Honey.

3) This is my temperature reading in my car this morning. That’s right, 66 and low humidity. No air-conditioning on the way to work. It doesn’t get much more favorite than that on a Friday in the South in late July.

temp in car

4) These. I love how they grow out over the walkway, softening the hardness of the rock and stone. It makes me think of that English garden that I always fantasized about having. Yes, they do need a little haircut, I’ll admit I dodged some thorns this morning as I went out, but it will be minimal, just enough for us to walk safely through.


5) My father used to grow enough tomatoes in summer to feed the county he lived in. One of my favorite memories is walking out to the garden with him and picking a warm, red, juicy tomato, wiping on my shirt and taking a big bite of it. Oh.My.Word. The end of the summer growing season is near, so I’m eating as many of these babies as I can.


Do you have a favorite thing to share today?

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