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Goal #3 – Learn new things

In 2009 I want to learn how to:

Make compost
Preserve/can fruits and vegetables
Make safe, non-toxic household cleaners
Make soap
Use my camera
Cook Indian food
Snorkel …this one will take some work – I’m terrified of water, and can only swim if the water isn’t over my head :-).

There are a lot of other things I want to do, but I consider them more part of a long to-do list. Many are joint efforts with the hubby. These things include:

plant an herb garden
plant a vegetable garden
build a potting shed
make bread weekly
build a compost bin
set up water collection system
make home-made dog treats
find a local organic egg and poultry source
Reduce, reuse and recycle more fully

We are in such a weird in-between place right now. We’re hopefully within weeks of moving into the new house and so busy getting ready that it may be a bit before we start accomplishing some of these things, but we’ll get there. We have the list. I always have a list.

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Goals for 2009

I’m a planner and list maker. I always have been. I’m always thinking of the many things I want to do, writing them down along with my grand plans to accomplish them. So of course every year I make a long list of New Year’s resolutions…and pretty much set myself up for failure in my unrealistic zeal to accomplish the un-accomplishable.

I decided this year to change things a bit. First of all, I’m making goals, desired goals for different areas of my life. I’ll break down each one into hopefully manageable pieces. I think my downfall in the past has been that I get very specific about how I’ll accomplish my resolutions, and if I don’t go that path and do those things, I feel like I’ve failed…because I’ve failed the tasks (for instance, go to Pilates 3 times a week vs. take an exercise class’. It’s better for me to not be so specific). Makes no sense probably to anyone but me, but I have an idea of how to change things this year.

My goals for 2009 are broken down into a few different categories. Today’s post is on the first two. (I know this isn’t interesting to most people, like a lot of bloggers it’s more for myself to document, so feel free to go watch tv now, I won’t be offended :-))

Goal #1 – Health

I want to be healthier and stronger this year. I see a lot of areas to improve in to accomplish this.

Exercise more. This is an area I’ve been neglecting. We have been physically active working on the new house this past 6 months, but bush-hogging or laying stone isn’t the same as a muscle stretching, mood enhancing, stress relieving yoga session. Or an energizing hour on the elliptical trainer. Or getting up on those early summer mornings and half asleep setting out for a 50 mile bike ride with friends, ending the day exhausted and happy, always with a new experience to share. Mike teaches a spin class at the gym and we have a free gym membership (which includes yoga classes). The gym is 1 mile from my house. Time for ‘no excuses’.

Eliminate processed foods from our diet, as much as possible. I realize they will still sneak in occasionally, but this is one I think we can accomplish for the most part. Other goals that I’ve made will help here.

Create a healthy meal plan. This takes a little work up front and planning ahead, but taking this bit of time at the beginning of the week not only eliminates stress during the week, but also helps in the elimination of processed foods in the diet, which is another goal. I know how to cook and eat healthy. This one should be pretty easy.

Get more sleep. What more can I say?

Goal #2 – Personal

Be the best partner I can be in my marriage. If I can be as good a wife to Mike as he is a husband to me, I couldn’t ask for more. I don’t think you can ever stop working on this one.

Be a better friend. I’ve neglected friendships to some degree this past year, but luckily I have amazing friends and I’ll have a chance to get back on track this year.

Renew my spiritual commitment. I was negligent in this area in 2007. I want to renew my commitment to my church and my faith. I am blessed to have a forgiving God.

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