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Friends, family, food and fireworks.  That makes for a pretty good 4th of July around here.

House and flag2We had it all, hot dogs and ribs on the smoker, too much other food, visiting with family and friends. We hosted the 4th at our house.  After dinner, neighbors and friends joined us for fireworks. The weather was iffy, sprinkling and drizzling rain a bit, so most of the watching was done from the porch.

This wasn’t nearly as dangerous as it looks from this picture!  The steps below Little Guy were wet, and that sparkler was really long :-).  He had a great time, and we’re already planning for next year…bigger and better!

Riv SparklerIn other news…

My antique booth got a name – Memories! After much, much, much…did I say ‘much’? deliberation that’s what we came up with. I did get a few things into the booth, and of course forgot to take pictures, but I’m pretty excited.  I’m also a little anxious now, I really need to get moving and get more in there.  Hopefully this week I will be doing some refinishing of sorts, and will be able to add a few more items.

Hubby’s business is thriving.  I will post this week about all the exciting stuff going on there.

We are crazy busy.  Life is good.

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Oh how I love a weekend.  And oh how fast they go by!

This past weekend consisted of the usual house cleaning, farmer’s market shopping, vegetable picking/cooking and yard work.


My mom and I visited the antique mall that we’ll be renting a booth in beginning mid-week, and spent Sunday afternoon admiring the goodies we have to start the booth up, pricing items, etc.  Add church into that, and that is a full weekend.

We are very excited about opening our little antique booth. We’ll be here, at this awesome place, Generations, on a busy stretch of road in Tennessee about 30 minutes from my house.  I love, love, love it.  It’s a mixture of old and new; wonderfully worn and used antiques, crafty projects, something for everyone. My daughter is quite artistic and crafty, so I expect some really cool contributions from her.

I have a few furniture items that I’ll be putting in the booth, but a bit of work has to happen on some of them first. Like this antique waterfall dresser.  I fell in love at first sight, because it reminded me of one that my grandmother had, but this little guy isn’t in such great shape.  I negotiated from $75 to $35 on it, so I think that was a good deal for the condition it’s in, and I do have big plans for it, but it will take a bit of work.FullSizeRender

This one is ready to go.  This isn’t the best picture, but it’s a large wardrobe, with a built in computer desk that can be removed.  We built it and placed it inside without damaging the wardrobe, so the wardrobe can be used with it, or without.


My favorite piece is this antique hutch.  I’m going to clean it up, and possibly refinish it.  The photo isn’t the best, it has great glass doors on the top, and little hooks inside the top. It belonged to the great grandmother of the lady I bought it from, and I could tell she was a little sentimental about it.  I want to really freshen it up and make it something that someone will love and enjoy as much as she did. And hopefully I can make myself part with it.

HutchI have another dresser that I don’t have a photo of, that will also get cleaned up and go in, and most other things for now are smaller things.  Hopefully we’ll get set up this week, and have photos by the end of the week.

Add all that in to the normal daily craziness in our lives, and it will be a busy week for sure.

Have a wonderful Monday, enjoy to the fullest wherever you are!

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