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Goal #3 – Learn new things

In 2009 I want to learn how to:

Make compost
Preserve/can fruits and vegetables
Make safe, non-toxic household cleaners
Make soap
Use my camera
Cook Indian food
Snorkel …this one will take some work – I’m terrified of water, and can only swim if the water isn’t over my head :-).

There are a lot of other things I want to do, but I consider them more part of a long to-do list. Many are joint efforts with the hubby. These things include:

plant an herb garden
plant a vegetable garden
build a potting shed
make bread weekly
build a compost bin
set up water collection system
make home-made dog treats
find a local organic egg and poultry source
Reduce, reuse and recycle more fully

We are in such a weird in-between place right now. We’re hopefully within weeks of moving into the new house and so busy getting ready that it may be a bit before we start accomplishing some of these things, but we’ll get there. We have the list. I always have a list.

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