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Check Them Out

There are a few blogs that I love to read regularly. There are those that belong to personal friends and allow me to keep up with what’s going on in their lives since we don’t get to visit as much as we’d like. Many focus on living simply and creating loving and peaceful lives, like down—to—earth and Two Frog Home. All of them from awesome people who work hard at living their dreams, like Suzanne at Chickens in the Road.

They inspire me, they remind me of what’s important in life. They teach me.
They make me want chickens…yes, that’s what I said…they make me want chickens :-). I’m enjoying getting to know Lacy Razor over at Razor Family Farms. She has the most gorgeous chickens, you must go see them. Lacy is also currently having a great giveaway, check it out.

If you have time you should visit these blogs, I know you will enjoy them as much as I do. And of course they link to many, many more wonderful blogs.

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