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Favorite Toy #1

As we build this house, one of the top things on our minds is how much of the work we can do ourselves.  We’re pretty handy.  We have a few skills like laying hardwood, putting up siding, building things.  Besides the savings in labor dollars, we’re really excited about looking around at what will likely be our ‘grow old in’ house and knowing we had a real hand in building it.

As you can imagine, doing things like this require special toys…uh…tools.  Tools that might not otherwise be in the really big tool box in the workshop. 

The latest and probably most awesome toy we acquired was a front-end loader for the tractor.  We asked the excavators to leave the dirt when they dug out our foundation because we know there are several places on the property that we can use it.  Top soil for the garden, other soil for filling in ditches, uneven areas, etc.  Well that dirt won’t move itself.

Notice the gravel pile behind the little trees in the picture below.  This is a few weeks ago. It was left over from the foundation, and it wasn’t moving itself either.  And we need a driveway.



Well that pile is no more.

Here is the gravel today.



Well, that’s most of it.  We actually made a ‘triangle’ of sorts.

Very confident of me to drop it right in front of my car wasn’t it?  Confident isn’t probably the best word, but it worked out ok.

I’ll have to get pictures of the almost finished driveway this weekend.

A very good toy indeed.

There are many more tools that we’ve ‘had to have’.  I’ll share more later.  Wait until you see what we get to play with this coming weekend.

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