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After the Turkey

We cooked two large turkeys this year for Thanksgiving.  In my ongoing endeavor to be frugal and mindful, I decided that this year I wouldn’t just toss those turkey carcasses out with the Thanksgiving leftovers.

Since I do work outside of my home, and every other daylight moment that I have available is spent at the new house, my time is a bit limited.  I did bag one of the carcasses up and put in the deep freeze until I can get to it.  The other, I cooked down and made a wonderful broth that I put in the freezer for future use.

I pretty much used the recipe that Gina posted at  Women Not Dabbling a few weeks ago. I cooked mine on the stovetop, although Gina says using a crock pot works just fine.

I got off all the meat from the bones that I could, but there was still some meat attached, which is not bad thing. 

Turkey carcass

Left-over bits from vegetables cut for holiday meal ( I used celery and onion parts)


3 small Bay leaves

2  teas. Salt

Pepper corns (no idea how many I used…whatever you like)

Splash of  red wine (Gina suggests that you can also use vinegar)

Cold water to cover

Break the turkey carcass into pieces and place in stock pot.  Add remaining ingredients and bring to boil. Reduce heat to simmer, cover and cook for 2-3 hours. Remove bones and allow them to cool, and remove any meat to be used for later. Strain broth and store in containers for later.

Isn’t that pretty?  Yes, I’m pretty pleased with myself, I feel like I was so not wasteful :-).

Turkey Broth

Turkey Broth

This broth is so tasty, and I like knowing it was made with all natural ingredients. I ended up with 6 quarts that I put in the freezer.

One turkey carcass to go.

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